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About us: who we are, what we do.

Wood, renewable raw material, is appreciated for the thermal and air conditioning qualities of the habitat.
Our expertise, the result of years of experience and research, together with technological innovations in the field of manufacturing, allow us to maintain all the qualities of wood in our products. The wood fiber comes from certified forest areas and the assembly takes place without the addition of chemicals.
Wood fiber employs the energy of the sun in an exemplary way: rapid growth actively participates in CO2 reduction through photosynthesis. FiberTherm insulation panel in wood fiber is produced with a wet system, the only one that guarantees the realization of a completely natural product. Wood fiber panels are available in both low density for flexible and high density insulation for insulation with a high compressive strength.

BetonWood has obtained the FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) for the whole range of his wood fiber products. The BetonWood products subsequently also obtained the bio-ecological quality label.

Taking into consideration the life cycle of a building, from design to construction, promoting an approach based on the principles of eco-sustainability (Green Building), our products participate in a percentage share in the supply of the following LEED credits: MR5, MR7, EA1 , IEQ 4.4, IEQ 4.1.
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Our Mission
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Wood fiber Fibertherm advantages

  • Thermal insulation both in summer and in winter

    An high thermal insulation power allows not only to have an excellent living comfort, but also to save energy. A double advantage ... ⟩⟩ SEE MORE

  • Noise insulation

    FiberTherm wood fiber protects against noises that are not only annoying but can be harmful to your health, especially in the city... ⟩⟩ SEE MORE

  • Fire resistance

    Our wood fiber does not overheat in case of fire thanks to the "carbonization" ... ⟩⟩ see more

  • Breathability

    FiberTherm is breathable thanks to its hygroscopic properties, reduces the risk of damage to the building envelope and ensures a healthy and pleasant indoor climate ... ⟩⟩ see more

  • Protection against air, wind, rain

    The wood fiber is not damaged by humidity as it is designed to prevent the construction elements from being traversed by warm, humid air and to prevent condensation problems... ⟩⟩ see more

  • Living wellness

    The FiberTherm products do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) or harmful substances in the air. This feature guarantees your living wellness.... ⟩⟩ see more

  • Sustainability

    BetonWood commercialize high quality ecologic products that are synonymous with sustainable and environmentally friendly use of resources... ⟩⟩ see more