Wood fiber insulation

The wood fiber comes from certified forest areas and the assembly takes place without the addition of chemical substances. The wood fiber is sold in panels, rolls or loose material and is used for thermal and acoustic insulation in: roofs, walls, ceilings, floors.

Wood fiber thermal insulation systems

The wood fiber panels FiberTherm Protect and Protect dry are the better products if you want to obtain an external or internal thermal insulation system completely natural, with an high compression strenght which is directly plasterable on the wood fiber surface.

Ceiling insulation with wood fiber

The wood fiber is suitable as an excellent insulation for new ceilings or renovations, it can be easily fixed in wooden or metal frame structures. We recommend using rigid panels such as FiberTherm or flexible FiberTherm Flex panels (see photo).

Wood fiber dry screeds

The wood fiber Fibertherm can also be used as a substrate in floors and screeds ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation. The wood fiber can be easily modeled for the passage of pipes.

Internal thermal insulation systems Protect

FiberTherm Protect, Protect dry and Internal are the best products to obtain a natural, plastered internal thermal insulation system with reduced thickness. Useful system when the external perimeter of the house can not be changed.

Floor insulation with wood fiber

The flexible wood fiber FiberTherm Flex panel is suitable in densities 50kg/m³ and 60kg/m³ and a low thermal conductivity as 0,036 W/mk.

Wood fiber with BetonWood

The wood fiber could be combined with BetonWood cement bonded particle boards. The high performances allow to have competitive building solutions, with reduced thickness, high resistance.



Quality and competence

The wood, renewable raw material, is appreciated for the thermal and air conditioning qualities of the habitat.
Our expertise, the result of years of experience and research, together with technological innovations in the field of manufacturing, allow us to maintain all the qualities of wood in our products.


Thanks to their advantageous characteristics, our FiberTherm high-performance wood fiber panels are important for building constructions and classifiable as environmentally sustainable building materials. These are completely natural, recyclable, eco-sustainable materials.

Renewable materials

The remarkable advantage of FiberTherm natural wood fiber is that it is obviously sustainable, contributes to a better indoor climate and better health. There is no emission of toxic substances such as similar products on the market.

Wellness and quality

The internal environment is important for good health and well-being. It is essential that the internal environment of houses, schools and workplaces is the best possible and with the wood fiber an optimal level can be achieved.

Thermal insulation

The high thermal storage capacity of FiberTherm wood fiber offers warmer temperatures in winter and cooler and cooler temperatures in summer. Excellent insulation if used in roofs and perimeter walls.

About us

BetonWood has obtained the FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) for the whole range of its wood fiber products. Subsequently, BetonWood products also obtained the European bio-ecological quality label ...

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Wood fiber examples

FiberTherm wood fiber products are divided into panels, rolls and loose material with the main function of isolating all parts of the building and improving the indoor climate. The wood fiber is available both at low density for flexible insulating panels and high-density for insulating panels with a high compressive and walk-on resistance.


Wood fiber FiberTherm panels with denity 160 Kg/m³. Rigid thermal insulating panel for dry screeds, walls, roofs, lofts, floors.

FiberTherm Protect

Wood fiber panels with densities 230 Kg/m³ and 265 Kg/m³. Wood fiber panels directly plasterable on the surface to realize external and internal thermal insulation systems.

FiberTherm Flex

Flexible wood fiber panels with densities 50 Kg/m³ and 60 Kg/m³. Flexible wood fiber with a low thermal conductivity 0,036 W/(m·K) fot an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation of every part of the building.