Wood fiber Isorel Closlieu

Wood fiber FiberTherm Isorel Closlieu density 230kg/m³

Wood fiber panel with density 230 Kg/m³.
Fibertherm Isorel Closlieu is a rigid wood fiber panel for interior walls of closlieu creative laboratories. These panels allow to obtain a covering paneling with reduced thickness, and therefore they are ideal for spaces even of small size.

The Wood fiber panel FiberTherm Isorel Closlieu 230 is a rigid insulation for walls, inner walls of closlieu to cover and insulate completely natural and with reduced thickness.
These panels are easy and fast to install.

The wood fiber FiberTherm isorel Closlieu 230 is an high densìsity insulating panels to be installed on the inside of the walls to create creative workshops for children.
This material is suitable for the realization of Closlieu, ie specific spaces suitable to overcome prejudices and inhibitions, to stimulate and protect the emergence of Formulation through painting.
The panel FiberTherm isorel Closlieu 230 is produced with a wet system, the only one to guarantee the complete compatibility of the material with the criteria of green building, because it is free from any type of toxic substance. It has a density equal to 230 kg/m³.

The material is also recyclable, it is certified and made exclusively with wood from controlled forests in compliance with the FSC® guidelines (Forest Stewardship Declaration).

You can download our wood fiber's Environment Product Declaration FiberTherm Isorel 230 by following this link.

The insulating wood fiber panels FiberTherm isorel Closlieu 230 has the following characteristics:

• high compression resistance;
• high density;
• ideal and comfortable support for painting;
• suitable for fixing all types of paper;
• contributes to the maintenance of a mild indoor climate;
• easy and fast to install;
• recyclable, ecologic, environment-friendly;
• building material tested and authorized according to current European standards.

The insulating wood fiber panel FiberTherm isorel Closlieu 230 is suitable for any type of thermal and acoustic insulation that requires reduced thickness and high compressive strength.
In particular this material can be used for the realization of:

• wall coverings in dry systems;
• internal wall coverings.

Application of Closlieu

The installation is strictly linked to the type of use of the panel depending on which it will be appropriate to adopt the most suitable application method.
The closlieu lab is a space of approx. 4 x 5 meters covered with FiberTherm isorel Closlieu 230 which over time is colored by brushes overflowing from the paper sheets that are hanging there to paint.

Available sizes

wood fiber panels with sharp edges
Thickness Size mm kg/m² Pan./pack m²/pallet kg/pack
10 mm 2500 x 1200 2,20 10 30,0 approx.66

Technical characteristics

Characteristics Values
Density kg/m³ 230
Fire reaction according to EN 13501-1 E
Coefficient of thermal conductivity λD W/(m∗K) 0,050
Specific heat J/(kg∗K) 2.100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ 5
sd values (m) 0,04 (8)/ 0,05(10) /0,06(12)
0,08(15)/ 0,10(19)
Thermal resistance RD (m²·K)/W 0,16 (8)/ 0,20(10) /0,24(12)
0,30(15)/ 0,38(19)
Bending resistance
to 10% of compression (N/mm²)
Compression resistance (kPa) ≥100
Resistance to tearing (kPa) ≥10
Hydraulic resistance relative
to lenght [(kPa·s)/m²]
Panels identification EN 622-4 SB-E1
Waste code (EAK) 030105/170201