Cellulose flakes FiberTherm floc

Cellulose flakes FiberTherm floc

Thermal and acoustic insulation with loose cellulose flakes
Fibertherm Floc is composed of loose cellulose flakes that fill all the cavities and can be used for the insulation of roofs, walls, floors and floors. Cellulose flakes are insufflated under high pressure into empty spaces and occupy the entire available volume, taking the shape of the surrounding elements.

FiberTherm floc contains cellulose flakes that fill the cavities. Each of these flakes contains some advantages: stability and excellent thermal insulation properties.
To produce the insulating layer, the material is injected at high pressure into the closed compartments and adapts exactly to the limiting elements. Therefore FiberTherm floc is suitable both as an insulating material for industrial prefabrication (for example of complete wall elements) as well as for renovations.

With FiberTherm floc is not necessary that the cavities to be insulated have the standard sizes of the common insulating panels on the market. Also the installation elements present in the interspaces are completely wrapped by the insulating material without manual interventions. Thanks to a tried and tested technique, with the insufflation it is possible to obtain a homogeneous filling without a solution of continuity even in the most complex constructions.
FiberTherm floc can also be used for open blow in free laying. The open blowing procedure is used to lay FiberTherm floc as an insulating material on horizontal surfaces, vaulted or slightly inclined between the truss beams. For existing or newly constructed buildings, wooden buildings or with wooden load-bearing structures or other types of light construction - with FiberTherm floc, insulation becomes particularly convenient and environmentally friendly.

The installation of FiberTherm floc is performed only by partners with adequate training and authorized companies (according to the general approval of the building inspectorate). The company's training courses and monitoring by the Institute for Materials Testing in Nordreno-Westfalia (MPA NRW) ensure that designers and customers maintain a high level of quality - in production and installation. FiberTherm floc is compressed, packaged in bags, delivered. The compacted flakes are prepared in special blowing machines and through flexible pipes conveyed to the laying point. The advantage: the machine and the insulating material can remain outside the building, allowing it to work quickly even in tight spaces.
With FiberTherm floc does not generate waste. The dust or dirt generated is compostable. If laid correctly it is reusable even after many years.

The material is also recyclable and with certified quality.

The loose cellulose flakes FiberTherm floc have the following characteristics:

• insulating layer without solution of continuity;
• excellent thermal insulation and thermal capacity;
• high quality thanks to the installation performed by qualified companies;
• processing without waste;
• excellent acoustic insulation;
• excellent insulating properties, both in summer and in winter;
• breathable, favors a comfortable and healthy environment;
• recyclable, ecologic, environment-friendly;
• building material tested and authorized according to current European standards.

The loose cellulose flakes FiberTherm floc are suitaable for any type of thermal and acoustic insulation that requires the cavities filling betweenstructural elements, for example, like:

• cavities on site;

• prefabricated elements for walls and floors to be filled with insulating material;

• floors, screeds, in building renovations.

Available size

Product delivery Bags/pallet kg/pallet Pallet size
PE bags 13 kg 21 273 approx.0,80x1,20x2,60m
(Lenght x Width x Height)

Solutions with Cellulose flakes Floc

Radiant dry screed with insulating cellulose flakes
Radiant dry screed

Elevated dry screed, traditional or radiant, with insulating cellulose flakes Fibertherm Floc blown to provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation.

Internal wall insulation with cellulose flakes
Internal wall insulation

Internal/partition wall made with dry process in wood/metal frame, cement bonded particle board BetonWood and thermal insulation in insufflated cellulose flakes Floc.