Loose wood fiber Zell

Loose wood fiber FiberTherm Zell

Loose wood fiber for thermal and acoustic insulation.
Loose wood fiber Fibertherm Zell is composed of pure loose wood fibers that fill all the cavities and can be used for the insulation of roofs, walls and dry floors. The fibers are insufflate at high pressure in the hollow spaces and go to occupy all the available volume taking the shape of the surrounding elements.

FiberTherm zell contains pure wood fibers that fill the cavities and ensure thermal and acoustic insulation in all parts of the building: walls, roofs, floors and floors. Each of these fibers contains in itself the advantages of natural wood: durability, stability and excellent thermal insulation properties.
To produce the insulating layer, the fibrous material is injected at high pressure into the closed compartments and adapts exactly to the limiting elements. Therefore FiberTherm zell is suitable both as an insulating material for prefabricated elements (for example complete walls) as well as for renovations.

With wood fiber FiberTherm zell is not necessary that the rooms to be insulated have the standard dimensions of the insulating materials of our competitors. Also the technical systems present in the interspaces are completely wrapped by the insulating material without manual interventions. With the loose wood fibers for blowing, homogeneous filling is achieved even in the most complex constructions.
FiberTherm zell can also be used for open insufflation in free installation. The open blowing procedure is used to install FiberTherm zell as insulating material on horizontal surfaces, vaulted or slightly inclined between the beams of the trusses. For renovations or new buildings, wooden buildings or wooden load-bearing structures or other types of light construction - with FiberTherm zell the insulation become particularly convenient and environmentally friendly.

The installation of FiberTherm zell must be performed only by personnel with adequate training and authorized companies (according to general approval of the building inspectorate). FiberTherm zell is compressed, packaged in bags and delivered. The compacted fibers must be prepared in special blowing machines and by means of flexible pipes conveyed to the laying point. The advantage: the machine and the insulating material can remain outside the building, allowing it to work quickly even in tight spaces.
With FiberTherm zell no waste is generated. The dust or dirt generated is compostable. If laid correctly it is reusable even after many years.

The material is also recyclable, it is certified and made exclusively with wood from controlled forests in compliance with the FSC® guidelines (Forest Stewardship Declaration).

The loose wood fibers FiberTherm zell has the following characteristics:

• insulation layer without break in continuity;
• excellent thermal insulation and thermal capacity;
• secure thanks to many years of experience with the product;
• anti-settling safety thanks to the wood fibers that fit together;
• high quality thanks to the installation performed by qualified companies;
• processing without waste;
• wood fibers recyclable from pine wood only;
• excellent sound insulation;
• excellent insulating properties, in summer as in winter;
• breathable, favors a comfortable and healthy environment;
• recyclable, ecological, environment-friendly;
• building material tested and authorized according to current European standards.

The loose wood fibers FiberTherm zell is suitable for any type of thermal and acoustic insulation that requires the filling of cavities between structural elements, such as:

• cavities;

• prefabricated elements for walls and floors to be filled with insulating material;

• floors as part of building renovation projects.

Sizes and characteristics

Products delivery Packages/pallet kg/pallet Pallet size
PE bags 15 kg 21 315 approx.0,80x1,20x2,60m
(Lenght x Width x Height)
PE bags 20 kg 18 360 approx.0,80x1,20x2,30m
(Lenght x Width x Height)

Characteristics Values
European technical approval (ETA) 12/0011
Recommended density kg/m³
• open insufflation(roofs)
• internal insufflation (walls, floors)

approx. 32 - 38
approx. 35 - 45
Coefficient of thermal conductivity λD W/(m·K) 0,038
Specific heat capacity J/(kg·K) 2.100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ 1÷2
Waste code (EAK) 030105/170201

Solutions with Wood fibers Zell

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Elevated radiant screed on loose wood fibers Zell and Underfloor

Radiant screed BetonRadiant with wood fiber Underfloor and BetonWood T&G cement bonded particle boards on loose wood fibers Zell.

Insulated internal wall with insulating wood fiber Zell
Insulated internal wall

Internal/partition wall made by dry process, with a wood or metal frame, in BetonWood cement bonded particle boards and insulating wood fibers Zell.